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Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Communities are evolving around the use of digital devices that, besides their social contribution, produce many distortions in the daily activities of people in terms of lack of interest in their immediate neighbours, their collective needs and the importance of social integration of their families with the rest of the surrounding population.

Even in developed countries, individuals have developed an increasing dependence on income increase and social recognition, sacrificing life/work balance and health.

Opportunities for exchange and alternate income are lost due to limited integration with our close community.

SaludArte represents a vision in which communities interact and organize around solving fundamental issues by means of interexchange of products and services mainly offered by the members of the same group of people.

We promote the creation of an international network of community centers in a Flexible Space format, for sustainable entrepreneurship as a significant contribution to improving human development in terms of income, quality of lifestyle, education, and neighbourhood integration.

SaludArte Community Flexible Spaces lead the integration of local communities and sustainable entrepreneurship development by:

Promoting physical and virtual spaces for identification of people’s social and professional needs.

  • Organizing a marketplace for the community members so they can find their basic products and services and start/grow sustainable businesses, including a sustainability based education.

  • Coordinating cultural and business exchange with the international network of SaludArte Flexible Spaces around the world.

  • Developing a freemium membership model supported by a networking app.

  • Offering a scalable license/franchise package for international growth of our model.

If you want to be part of our community or you want to receive more information, please contact us to:

+57 305 4045990

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